Windfarm Visualisation



This website has been established to provide an up-to date information base on the subject of windfarm visualisation.


Windfarm visualisation has become a controversial subject in the last decade because the adopted methodology is founded on a flawed scientific basis and a viewing method which is rarely understood or applied.  As a result, effects can be seriously under-represented.


Windfarm Visualisation – Perspective or Perception aims to bring together all the relevant background, scientific information and previous research to provide planners and the public with a comprehensive and clear understanding of the facts involved. It is published at a time when guidance in this area is being revised and this site will be a means of updating readers of changes in ‘industry practice’ or interesting developments since publication.


The SNH Guidance (2006) in particular is currently undergoing major review and it is also intended that this site will monitor this process and encourage response to any consultation.


Links are provided to current visualisation guidance, any new documentation on the subject and relevant research material.

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